It's a Chewy World

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Teaching Your Middle Schooler Basic Survival Skills

We all know how much you love and adore your child.  We all know the pains you take to ensure their well-being and ease their way in the world.  You need not stand in the morning rain holding an umbrella over your 7th graders head while he waits for the bus to come to be a good parent.  In fact, I would question whether that is good parenting at all.  Actually, scratch that, I do not even have to question.  That is not good parenting.

I would hope that by the time our children reach 7th grade, which is roughly 12 or possibly even 13 years old, they know that if it is raining, they should grab an umbrella on their way out the door.  Or maybe they should wear a raincoat and put their hood up.  There are options.  In my house, me walking you to your bus stop and holding an umbrella over your head until a bus full of your peers arrives, is not an option.